me you to Cipcol family. Our products are pocket friendly not to leave any one behind with the best prices we also offer delivery services at a friendly cost for all our customers all around the world.

Why choose us

Cipcol provides customers with the best services both wholesale and retail either in China or in any other country .We customize our toys and gifts to your liking if you need to send a symbolic gift or rather a symbolic toy we have you covered you will work directly with us until you receive the product of your choice. For wholesale stores we have a delivery service that allows you to transport as large parcels as possible to cater for your store with our friendly services. 

What clients say about us

Our company has proven beyond reasonable doubt that they can deliver high quality goods and the deliveries are done on time.


Purity Tai: Cipcol toys are very patient, they are willing to listen to what I really want, that’s not an easy task, because we are a chain brand supermarket, and usually we need to buy a lot of different kinds of toys. CipCol is very professional and makes it very special, I love this company.

Sebastian Mutua: I’ve been looking for this toy for my store for a while now, but when I came across cipcol, I didn’t 

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