e you ever seen some ads when you access our website? Don’t panic, we use these third parties to serve ads to you. These Companies use the information about your last visits to our website and track your product history to bring you advertisements about products and services that might show some interest to you.

Affiliates. We may still share your information with our affiliates. Those who don’t understand or have an idea of who affiliates are will not be left out since we are going to show you who our affiliates are: Our parent company and joint venture partners. Affiliates means that our company control them or we have a common control.

Other users. Sharing your personal information with others on the public areas of the website like the comment section may be viewed publicly by all users. This information can be made available outside the website.


Due to transparency issues, we can clearly show you the 2 categories of third parties that we share your information with. Before then, it’s important to know that if any of these sounds awkward to you maybe because you would wish to repeal your consent you can contact us.

Our Third parties’ category include;

Ad Networks.

Affiliate Marketing Programs.

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